Courtesy of Sena Abdullah

Sena Abdullah

Class of 2016

Former Editor in Chief

What have you been up to since graduating from DHS?

“Since I’ve graduated, I went to school, obtained my degree in Nursing and became a registered nurse.”

What are some of the biggest accomplishments you’ve achieved since graduating from DHS?

“Some accomplishments I’ve had since graduating was probably getting my RN license and graduating from college, getting a job as a registered nurse and working during this pandemic.”

What was one of your favorite memories as an editor?

“One of my favorite memories as an editor was probably staying at school late working on the newspaper with my classmates. We worked hard and had fun while doing it!”

How has the experience of being an editor helped you in your years after?

“Having the experience of being an editor has helped me in different ways. I was able to learn how to be a part of a team and cooperate well with others, meet deadlines and prioritize my time, and develop leadership skills that all benefit me in my career today!”

What advice would you give current seniors in high school?

“Advice I would give to the current seniors is to enjoy the time you have right now as a kid because you’ll never get it back, but to also make sure you consider your future and plan ahead for yourself as well!”


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