Courtesy of Manar Daher

Manar Daher

Class of 2019

Former Sports Editor

What have you been up to since graduating from DHS?

“Since graduation, I’ve been mainly just focusing on myself and my school work. I’m hoping to finish up my business degree in two years and apply for law school to become a divorce/family lawyer. I’ve also been talking to a couple people I’m close with about a plan to open my own business when I turn 23.”

What was one of your favorite memories as an editor?

“One of my favorite memories as an editor was honestly the times we all got together after school and just spent time together. We didn’t know it then, but it was something we shouldn’t have taken for granted because you miss those days later on.”

How has the experience of being an editor helped you in your years after?

“The experience of being an editor really helped me later on by becoming a better leader, paying attention to grammar in pieces of writing I do now, and overall just having a brainstorm, plan, and final draft.”

What advice would you give current seniors in high school?

“If there’s one piece of advice I would give current seniors in highschool it would be to just focus on you and do what makes you happy. No matter how hard or bad your senior year may seem like because of what’s going on with this pandemic, Zoom calls won’t last forever [I hope]. So try to get to know people, be kind to all, and remember these days because it might seem like they won’t end, but once they do you will want those days back.”

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