Courtesy of Aya Islim

Courtesy of Aya Islim

Aya’s Sweets

Aya Islim

Junior at Fordson High School

@Ayassweets: makes custom cakes and desserts like brownies, cheesecake cones etc.

How did the idea come about?

“I began baking at the age of 9 as a hobby. I started a Instagram page for fun and by the age of 13 I was getting requests for cakes and treats.”

How did you get the money to start?

“My mom helped me start off the business by purchasing me baking equipment and supplies. I saved money from my orders and continued to purchase items needed for orders.Pricing cakes and treats was hard at first. When i first began to take orders, I didn’t know how to price items. There were many times I actually took a loss on cake orders, not considering the cost of items and Energy bills. As orders grew I calculated how much my supplies cost, and how much time I was putting into each order. As soon as I had that figured out, the profit of the business went up. “

How do you manage running your business and going to school?

Photo by Aya Islim

“With the help of my mom who I refer to as “Momager” I am able to manage my business and attend school. She deals with the hard part such as paper work and ordering supplies, while I do what I love best, baking and decorating!”

How do you advertise?

“I advertise my work basically thru social media. Instagram being my number one advertisement. Thanks

to the community support my name grew with all the media coverage and others shouting out my business and also advertising for me. “

If you have any advice for  someone starting out what would it be?

“Some advice I would give to those starting off a business is NEVER GIVE UP! The best way to get your name and business out there is to advertise. Even if you have to lose in the beginning by giving away free products for people to try, you will gain customers in return. When I first started I was passing out cookies and cupcakes to work places, schools, events, and even sponsoring fundraisers. The more people tried my baked goods the more it was in demand. “

Photo by Aya Islim

In what ways do you think you can improve your business?

“My business only grew. I started from baking at home, which helped me  purchase my food truck and now my dream of opening my own bakery is finally coming true! Aya’s Sweets will be opening in Dearborn Heights this April!”

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