Photo by Jenin Alameddin

ShoeNeke Customs

Jenin Alameddin

Senior at Dearborn High School

ShoeNeke Customs makes custom shoes

How did the idea come about? 

“I was scrolling to Instagram and saw how people turned a plain white shoe and completely transformed it. It was really cool and I thought I could do that as well, so I did it.”

When did you start?

“I was 17 at the time. I started prepping early July 2020 but I didn’t open up the business until about beginning of August 2020.”

Photo by Jenin Alameddin

How did you get the money to start?

“I had saved up a good amount of money before the pandemic started and I lost my former job. I definitely gain money because I wouldn’t do it if there wasn’t any gain. Like I said I had amazing friends and family that bought me a portion of the equipment I needed so the startup was quite easy.”

What is your favorite shoe that you coustimized?

“I personally love ever shoe that I’ve created but a shoe that I would buy for myself if I saw it would probably be my Gucci inspired shoe. I think that it’s really simple and neutral but also stylish.”

Is there a specific type of style that you want to make but you haven’t had the chance to?

“I am currently working on a new style on the Air Force 1 Shadow shoe and I’m super excited to finish it but with school and other orders it’s hard to get to. But it’s going to be something super versatile and something you can where with every outfit.”

What is the funnest part when customizing shoes?

Photo by Jenin Alameddin

“The funnest thing about customizing shoes is honestly packing the shoe up into the shipping boxes. Not something you’d probably think would be fun. But it’s usually when I’m all finished with work and I have my music blasting and I’m taping the boxes closed and dancing. Like it doesn’t need much concentration and effort and I’m ready to be done for the day you know.”

Who is your support group specifically and how have they helped you?

“My two biggest supporters are my mom and my older brother. They always tell me I can do whatever I put my mind two and nothing is impossible. They’ve helped me so much to build confidence in myself and in my business. I would not be where I am today without them. I don’t even think I would have opened up a business without them. “

Why should people buy from you?

“I think people should buy from me because I love what I do and I put so much time and effort into each shoe. I really want to expand and eventually start donating to different causes that I support.”

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