Hurdling through High School

Middle school. Back then it was so much easier I would get used to the way it runs and functions. Sports are easier, classes aren’t too difficult and there is less responsibility put on everyone. It’s hard though to go from the big guys on campus back to the freshman. Everything as a freshman can be hard whether it is trying to fit in or trying to make new friends or meet people when you know nothing about them. However, nothing is truly as hard as the transition from middle school to high school sports. Practices are harder, longer and have more competition. This is especially true of high school Track and Field. The switch and adjustment it took me to switch from middle school to high school hurdles was a long and painful process that some people just don’t want to do.

 When I entered my freshman season at DHS, it came as a surprise to me that hurdles was one of the few races that was modified and made harder for the athletes. In middle school the only hurdle races were the 55 meter hurdles and the 100 meter hurdles. Looking back, those would have been the easiest races of my life. The lowest setting for the hurdles is the skill and knowledge I gained from all the coaching I got. Going into high school though made it harder by adding the 110 and 300 meter hurdles. The distance took time getting used to. Being a sprinter who only ran about 155 meters a race. To that being only half way done in the 300. The adjustment was hard and the 400’s become your best friend to get your mind and body ready for this race. The other issue came with the raising of the height. The height was increased from 33 to 39. Only 6 inches, not that big of a deal it’s not that hard. Not until you run it, and it smacks you in the face or you just give up completely. The transition was hard and took about my whole sophomore year to get used to. Now though I can’t imagine running anything else. After a while you get used to the distance. Exposing yourself to distances longer than the 300 opened the door to make that race 10 times easier. 

Now moving on to college is going to bring a whole new set of challenges. More transitioning and having to get used to the new but same issues. An increase in height and an increase in distance. In college track the 110 meter hurdles move up to the highest height and the 300 becomes the 400 hurdles. It will take time to get used to it and you’re gonna have to work twice as hard to overcome these hurdles. I did it once in the transition from middle school to high school and I will do it again from high school to college.