Student Council adjusts traditional Homecoming festivities to adhere to current pandemic

Dearborn High School’s Student Council held Homecoming Court on April 30, 2021, on the football field at 6:00 PM. 

Unlike previous years, this year’s Homecoming event excluded major activities such as the Battle of The Torch, bonfire, class competitions, and the dance. To ensure student safety and to keep the traditional event ongoing, the Student Council planned out and took measures in order to distance and sanitize. 

School Social worker and Student Council Advisor, Stacy Rumler, said there were several challenges when having to make decisions for this year. “The difficult part of planning Homecoming was letting go of some of the traditions we would normally include and incorporating new ideas,” Rumler said. 

Senior executive board President of Student Council and Class of 2021 representative Alex Quesada said  Student Council attempted to plan the event in the fall, but due to the increase of Covid cases, the event was postponed. “ This has been something we were trying to plan in the fall and just because the numbers were so high and we couldn’t get it at the football game, I think we all kind of decided to push it off to Prom,” Quesada said. “But then when we had to move our Prom dates from April to June 21. I know the administration didn’t want to hold court after we graduate so that’s why we quickly planned this event.”

Quesada said becoming the Homecoming King felt unreal because of how unlikely it is to have a drum major be crowned as Homecoming King. “ It was weird because like you know I am in band. This year I was actually the drum major and I don’t really think, I mean you can fact-check me I guess, but I don’t know when the last time a drum major won Homecoming King so if I’m not the first I’m probably one of the few.”

Senior council Vice President Taylor Berry said she feared the difference between the previous Homecoming and this years’ would disappoint people. “ I was afraid on the field that it wasn’t going to be like the normal event because usually homecoming court is held during halftime of a football game, but this year was a normal event,” Berry said. “ In the end, everything did turn out perfect and I think everyone is happy because at least we ended up getting to do this event.”

Berry said she doubted her win when she saw the color of the rose. “ I was like is this true? I had to do a double-take because then I got nervous I was like wait does red or white win?” Berry said. “Even though I knew that white wins but in that moment like you forget.”

2023 Class President, Fatimah Hamka, said she was concerned about how many members would be able to help given the current circumstances. “ I was anxious about how many people we can get to come together and work on the project because there’s a lot of restrictions right now,” Hamka said. “ I know a lot of people weren’t allowed to come, so I knew there’s gonna be less hands-on-deck where we want to plan stuff and put things together, so we had to give each person more roles to fill in.” 

Hamka said she was very happy with working alongside Student Council members again and pleased to display her team’s work for others to see. “ It was a fun time for the Student Council to get together and socialize in general because we haven’t had much opportunity this year to do things like that, “ Hamka said. “ it was fun to see all of our work be accomplished and projected for everyone to see. I got to see some people walk by, see it, and compliment us.” 

The Student Council is currently planning for their next event, Prom, which will take place on Monday, June 21, 2021 at The Dearborn INN.