Rules Redone

Major school-wide and district policies implemented this school year change fundamental operations around Dearborn Public School.
Rules Redone

As the 2023-2024 school year started up and the student body became aware of the many changes made to school policies, they became under the fire of mass criticism. A student handbook including all of the new policies was also created, the handbook along with a presentation regarding the new policies was sent out to all students and parents of DHS via email as the school year went into motion.

A few of the most influential changes being

– A shortened passing time (previously being 7, is now 5 minutes)
– A new security guard team
– All classrooms are now expected to be a no-phone zone
(along with hallways once passing time has concluded)

A petition to return to a 7-minute passing time was started on Sept. 5, 2023, on The petition garnered 1,066 votes, over half of our building’s student population (aproxxamately 1,995). It is unknown who started the petition as it was made under an anonymous name, and it has since been closed. Despite this, these are decisions that were made to improve the quality and functionality of the education here, decisions made by beloved and respected administrators of DHS.

Here’s what some of Dearborn High School’s administrators have to say about how these polcies have been and will continue to impact DHS

Zeina Jebril

prinicipal 2021-Now

“A strong security system is always important. We went with the company that we thought waas the best compan to meet the needs that we have at each of the buildings.”

Adam Martin

Principal 2017-2021

“Not really suprised that it transitioned back to 5 minutes. I think both 5 minutes and 7 minutes have pro and cons, but from my end, the instructional time is super important and adding instructional time back into the teachrs hands I think is super important”

Christopher Minor

Graduation Specialist

“Its really just about protecting classtime. We feel like its okay for kids to you know have those few minutes to kinda reconnect but when classtime starts, it sensible to me that we say okay thats also a time where its okay to put [phones] away.”


“Not all decisions are everyone going to be happy about, however, it is this administration and the district to enforce rules to help increase the success of every student in and outside of the classroom.”
– Assistaint Principal Angela Altomonte.

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