COVID Vaccine Guide

Recently Covid-19 vaccines have become available in Wayne County. With many Wayne County Covid-19 cases being from Detroit with 63,430 total cases Dearborn is the second most with 8,523 cases, places are currently beginning to offer vaccines to the public. However, the process of doing so can be confusing and tough due to the  limited amount of vaccines available.

The first thing you need to think about when trying to get vaccinated is see if you’re eligible due to the fact that people in certain occupations are prioritized in terms of being given the vaccine, this was announced on December 10th 2020 when the vaccine was first released by Governor Whitmer. Occupations have been divided into groups like essential frontline workers and essential non-healthcare workers. The groups include: 1A (Health Care Personnel), 1B (First Responders, Corrections Workers, Food and Agriculture, Grocery Store Workers, Education, Manufacturing, or Public Transit Workers) or 1C (Shelter and Housing,IT and Communication, News Media, Public Safety, or Not explicitly included).

Once you have figured out what cycle you are in and if you can receive it, here are some possible areas you can get vaccinated in near Wayne County: 

Detroit Health Department

Phone number : 313-230-0505

Detroit Email : [email protected] 


They are ready to vaccinate for the first two rounds of people (1A and 1B). To ask ahead if they have vaccines to be scheduled for an appointment because the stock od vaccine can fluctuate. Making sure that it is known you are a Detroit resident would secure your appointment because cities and counties are currently prioritizing their own citizens. They are also vaccinating again off of Michigan Guidelines.

Meijer Pharmacy

Phone for  Allen Park : 313-253-1100

To register text “COVID” to 75049.  

Website : 

Link to pre – register : 

The process that you should take in getting your vaccine from Meijer would be knowing the guidelines and if you can get a vaccine. Find a location that distributes the vaccine. Then schedule an appointment by pre-registering or registering (depends on what cycle you are in). Go to get your vaccine after having it scheduled.


Download the Walgreens App too for updates and information of Covis-19 and vaccines.

Right now they are serving citizens that are above the age of 65, or in the frontliners group due to Michigan guidelines.To schedule an appointment go to their website and check out available locations and time, remember that planning ahead with the company is always essential. Walgreens also has expert references and places to sign up for alerts to stay informed on Covid-19 on their website.

Schoolcraft College Vista Center

Website : 

(Go to the community page for more information on Covid-19)

Usually they reach out to a school to see if the teachers need vaccines, so this is good to keep in mind if you are a teacher. Volunteering is also a great way to get vaccinated, they are giving all of their volunteers who help distribute the vaccine free vaccinations. 

Everything you need to get our vaccine is done, but you can never be too prepared. So remember that because Covid-19 is still very prevalent, when waiting for your vaccine the vendor may have you wait outside socially distanced from other citizens and ask for your identification. Basically, you need to also wear the proper attire and have your personal information on you. This means, wear a jacket and other warm clothes, bring and wear a mask for protection, and most importantly bring you license and/or registration of some type to prove your identity.

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