Najah Bazzy Is Dearborn’s Latest Hero


The City of Dearborn has brought up many reformative entrepreneurs and it has been a landmark for numerous humanitarian organizations to better the community.
Zaman International is one of the most influential organizations to come out of Dearborn. It is a non-profit organization that was started in 2004 in order to help less-fortunate households receive fundamental necessities while being included in training and vocational programs.
Najah Bazzy, the CEO and founder of Zaman International, has become well known within the community for her achievements and numerous contributions.Growing up in Dearborn, Bazzy lived in a middle-class home, with her father working at Ford Motor Company. She attended Madonna University, where she eventually received her nursing degree, and went on to specialize in critical care and transcultural nursing.
Bazzy decided to start the organization in 1996 after witnessing the brutal living conditions that one of her clients – who’s infant had died- was living in. Bazzy said she aims to help less-fortunate women and children. “The goal of the organization is to break the cycle of poverty for women and children who have no other support,” Bazzy said.
When one considers Dearborn’s diverse population it’s easy for groups of people to isolate themselves; however, Bazzy said Zaman International has been able to break those barriers. “We have been able to cross cultures and races and language is bringing the human family together as one entity,” Bazzy said.

This is not about me it’s about we and that makes me happy

— Najah Bazzy

Following her success, Bazzy said that she has felt a tremendous amount of support which she appreciates since the organization helps many people in the community, not just her. “People have been genuinely inspired and generous with their love, their donations, and the sense of pride that they feel because this also belongs to them and they know that I lead with tremendous humility,” Bazzy said. “So that’s helpful because this is not about me, it’s about ‘we’ and that makes me very happy.”

Following the support and recognition from the community, during December of 2019, Bazzy was announced as one of the Top 10 CNN Heroes of 2019. Bazzy said that earning the title was because of the positive message and impact the organization has made on her life. “For the past 25 years I haven’t enjoyed accolades from different aspects of my life such as my nursing work or my interfaith work,” Bazzy said. “But this was extra special because it’s about the humanitarian work and for it to be elevated to the global stage was wonderful.”

Bazzy said that all the recognition has made her acknowledge there is a higher force that gives her blessings and success that she has received. “It has taught me that there is a superior power that makes things happen when I least expect it,” Bazzy said. “There is a miracle around every corner and it has created in me even more humbleness and humility as I watch these miracles unfold – I am left in awe of God.”