Holiday Gift Guide

Buying someone a gift can be very stressful, especially around Christmas time. It might seem impossible to find a great gift for someone that is affordable. However, there are many last minute gifts that you can get for both adults and children that are both great and affordable! Here is a list of greats gifts you can get for under $50 from Amazon:

Gifts For Women: 

BeKind Hair Straightening Brush 

Amazon: $49.95 

This is a great gift because it could take a lot of time for women to straighten their hair and this brush reduces the amount of time it could take by being in the form of a brush. It is also a great gift because it includes anion features that keeps your hair “smooth, silky, and less frizzy.” Hair straighteners can be really expensive, however this brush costs $49.95 and it also comes with 30 hair accessories inside the box. 

Infinity Love Heart Pendant Necklace

Amazon: $39.99

This necklace is a great gift because it has a personal touch to it given that you choose the birthstone the necklace is going to be the color of. It is more thoughtful than giving a woman a necklace that anyone can wear. Jewelry can also be very expensive, but this necklace is only $39.99!

Gifts For Men:

THRIVE Skin Care Set:

Amazon: $54.90

This skin care set is a great gift because most men don’t think to buy skin care for themselves, especially since they might not be advertised as much compared to women. This set includes full sized products including a face wash, shave oil, and face balm all for $54.90. This gift can introduce a new everyday routine for the men receiving them and haven’t tried products out like these before. 

GrillJoy Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Tools Set

Amazon: $43.99

The grill set is a great gift because most men enjoy grilling and having this set can make it both easier and more enjoyable. It also comes with an aluminum storage case which helps keep the tools more organized and saves the trouble of having to find space for 20 tools at home. 

Gifts For Girls:

Unicorn Night Light:

Amazon: $25.99

This night light is a great addition to a little girl’s room! Many kids have trouble sleeping in complete darkness and so this is a great alternative to a boring plug in nightlight. It can never get old considering there is a remote controller that she can use to change the colors of a unicorn to whatever she wants. 

Friendship Bracelet Making Kit: 

Amazon: 40.97

This is a great gift because little girls love making friendship bracelets for themselves and their friend and so you can’t go wrong with this kit. It includes everything you need to make a collection of bracelets of your choosing. This gift will allow girls to be creative and a great learning experience where they teach themselves how to make the bracelets.

Gifts For Boys:

Dinosaur Toy With Activity Play Mat:

Amazon: $29.99

This is a great gift for boys because it will take them away from the TV and tablets and allow them to have fun with their friends. There are also great educational benefits since playing with the toys included will allow them to have great imagination and get their brains thinking. This gift includes 9 dinosaur action figures with the activity mat all for $29.99 and it can be used an endless amount of times. 

Toy Basketball Set:

Amazon: $23.99

This basketball set is a great gift because it will allow boys to be active and have fun when giving his best Lebron or Giannis impersonation. The bracket is also height adjustable so it can grow as the child does as well. It is also made from environmentally safe material and so there is no need to worry about safety hazards.