Student Council Undergoes Challenges


Courtesy of Ameer Aluglah

The COVID-19  pandemic has created many challenges for the various clubs and student run activities at DHS. Student Council is one of many groups that has struggled in trying to plan and host events throughout this school year. This is a problem because the main objective for conducting a lot of the events is to continue to raise money towards the class funds. 

In particular, the class of 2021 has had it pretty tough being limited to many of the traditional senior year events like homecoming week. Class of 2021 senior president, Maya Beydoun, has still been working hard with the council, despite challenges, to make the most out of this school year.

Beydoun said this school year has been disappointing and it hasn’t been fair to this year’s group of seniors. “The hardest part for me is that I have to see my class missing out on their senior year and I can’t really do much to help. No matter the amount of virtual/remote events we can hold, you can’t really replace your senior year,” Beydoun said. 

Beydoun said she and the rest of the group’s members have still carried on with Important events that benefit our community “We still hosted our annual Battle Against Hunger week. We thought it was important that we continued that event to support our community however we were able to. We also donated medical supplies to Beaumont hospital,” Beydoun said.

In addition, class of 2022 Vice President, Maya Dickhudt, said it has been a challenge keeping covid precautions while still getting students to participate with events being hosted. “The most difficult part of not being able to do anything within the school has been keeping the student body engaged and creating Covid- friendly fundraisers,” Dickhudt said.

Dickhudt said the group has noticed a significant decrease in student participation this year. “We constantly are making campaign posters and advertising them virtually, however, it isn’t the same as being in person. Students aren’t as likely to support a fundraiser that is talked about on social media. They do, however, engage more in the school when it’s talked about during lunch and assemblies. I think this is because it is more important to them and they take it more seriously since in person it can be represented in a more professional way,” Dickhudt said.

Hamka said she and the council of 2023 have held many successful events and fundraisers despite the imbalance of how things were set to be run due to the pandemic. “My council and I have held a successful Cider and Donuts Drive-Thru and an Empty Pop Can Drive. Along with this, we have sold class merch that many people seemed to enjoy,” Hamka said.

Furthermore, class of 2024, Representative Ava Wolski, said communicating with one another has been very important and essential in making sure things run smoothly. “I would say communication has been a significant part of maintaining an orderly council and in making sure everyone is on the same page. It’s really important that everyone stays in contact with one another so we don’t have any miscommunication,” Wolski said.

Moreover, Student council advisor, Stacy Rumler has been advising the club for the past three years. Rumler said she’s proud of the efforts the members have made despite the obstacles.  We have a very strong student council. They work together weekly to assure communication between all classes.  In addition, we hold president meetings with Mr. Martin, as needed.  We also have students who are KLAA Student Council Representatives and have attended meetings [Zoom this year] with other Student Council leaders to discuss what other schools are doing and to share ideas. Our students have taken initiative and held fundraisers, a Spirit Week, game and yoga nights. They are currently planning a virtual pep rally as well as homecoming activities in the next few months,” Rumler said.