Jalal Moughania: Dearborn speaker raises his voice to guide the lives of many


Jalal Moughania, public speaker, business lawyer, and entrepreneur has had a really significant impact on Dearborn’s community. Moughania said that he has been apart of the business field since he was young. “I grew up in my dad’s business Alvinos, business and entrepreneurship was always something I grew up with,” Moughania said.

Moughania said that he decided to become an entrepreneur because he wants to help others and give them a chance.“One motivating factor is the ability to give back, creating business, contributing to people’s lives and family,” Moughania said. “We give people an opportunity to work and make money.”
Moughania said to make sure you feel positive and sure about something before doing it so you don’t feel regret.“I would say if you’re not passionate, don’t do it, it comes back to you,” Moughania said. “Work on getting to know who you are and what you are now or you won’t be able to decipher where you want to be.”
Moughania said that wealth is not all about how much money you have.“Money is one quantative measure of wealth,” Moughania said. “Wealth is your own and emotional and spiritual well-being”.

Moughania said that he still thinks about his beliefs even at work.“I have debated whether I should take a client or not because of my morals and principles,” Moughania said. Moughania said that he’s building a safe path for his daughter as she grows up.“When I look and see I’m talking to young people, I hope that any positive impact I leave will cross my daughter in the future”.

Moughania said that he feels blessed to have the talent of public speaking where he cani nfluence others.“I look at it as these are blessings that God has given us and I can’t refuse,” Moughania said. “God gave me a mouthpiece to speak to others, which is a big responsibility to me”.

No matter how many people in the audience, it’s always a conversation to me.

— Jalal Moughania

Moughania said that he sees the facial expressions that people give him while he is speaking, which he finds useful. “Nonverbal replies help me make adjustments during my speaking,” Moughania said.

Moughania said that giving others his assistance requires more work to put into himself. “If I see any impact it tells me there needs to be more work done,” Moughania said. “The more I help, the more I need to invest in myself.”

Moughania said that he recommends the young ones to get more in touch with people more knowledgeable. “I encourage young people to seek out mentors, you need someone to help you out with your next step of your journey,” Moughania said. “If you lessen your interaction with mentors you lesson your knowledge”.

Moughania said to look up to those people close to perfect and use them as a guide.“Create your own path, follow the path of those who are immaculate not just those your inspired by.”